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What do I need to polinate a Bramley apple tree?


Hi orange pippin. I'm confused. So I'm planning on buyinga Bramley seedling. But now discovered it's a triploid. This is what I would like to know... Could I plant two sterile apple trees which flower at the same time with the Bramley seedling which makes 3 apple trees (all three are sterile). This is what I want but they are all sterile. Or do I need a fertile apple tree that grows on its own to help the sterile apple trees to bare fruit. I.e. one sterile + one sterile + one fertile - flowering at the same time/group. I would want all the apple trees to be sterile. Would that work?

Asked by: Barry 21-Oct-2019


If there are no other apple trees in the vicinity you would need either:

The Bramley plus two other compatible but different self-sterile apple trees


The Bramley plus one other self-fertile apple tree (or a white-flowered crab-apple)


The Bramley plus a combination of two other self-fertile or self-sterile compatible and different apple trees

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