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What is the size of a cordon-trained tree on delivery?


I'm thinking of buying one or two apples trees - the description is 'cordon trained bare root tree' but it doesn't give the SIZE of the tree on delivery!? How tall will it be roughly on delivery please? I'm considering the Red Windsor and the Egremont Russet. Many thanks, Lolita.

Asked by: Lolita from Lewes, 12-Dec-2021


Hi Lolita. We have the following cordon-trained trees available:,1-0-10001

These will be around 1m or so when delivered, and they have been trained in the nursery with short fruiting spurs and a narrow columnar shape.

You would normally plant them against a wall or fence, leaning at an angle of 45 degrees.

They are on M9 rootstock so will probably reach a mature length of up to 2m (at 45 degrees).

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