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Training apple trees up a round-top arch


Hi, I am thinking about getting a Round top arch/ Fruit tree arch. About 2.2m high by 1.1m wide and 0.61 depth between main legs.

Can I plant one per main leg, so 4 in total?

Also What rootstock would you recommend.

Asked by: Sam from Canterbury, 14-Jan-2020


I agree that planting a tree at each corner is the obvious option. I think the best option would be to plant apple cordons on M9 rootstock.

Alternatively you could plant one tree on either side, using the M26 rootstock, and encourage it to fan out across the width of each side. Here is a list of 1-year maiden apple trees on M26. When choosing the varieties you will need to allow for the sunlight / position on the arch - it is likely that one side will be more shaded than the other.

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