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Do you supply mature pot-grown fruit trees?


I wonder if you could help? Do you sell mature pot grown plum trees, which would fruit next summer?

Asked by: Chris from Dulwich, Lond, 20-Nov-2018


Sorry we do not sell mature fruit trees. With fruit trees it is best to plant as young as possible, so we draw the line at 2 years old.

Young trees establish better, and are likely to be more productive when they reach fruit-bearing age.

Generally speaking, the more-dwarfing the rootstock the younger the age at which the tree will start to bear fruit. However it is not necessarily a good idea to let a young tree bear too much fruit too early, as this will tend to prevent it reaching its full size.

A mature fruit tree is likely to be 5 years old or more, at which point it is very difficult to transplant. You will also need special equipment (e.g. a fork-lift) to move it and plant it.

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