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Buying a mature large apple tree


I would like to plant as mature as possible eating apple on a standard vigorous rootstock that will produce a large tree. We have a lovely old one in the garden, but it is quite rotten in places and I want to get another established just in case this one falls (it's the best thing in our garden giving shade and always covered in birds) I wonder what you would recommend and what's the most mature trees you supply.

Asked by: Emma from Gloucestershire, 24-Jan-2021


Hi Emma, a semi-mature apple tree grafted on a vigorous rootstock to produce a large tree would be roughly 5 years old and would require specialist equipment (e.g. a fork lift) to transport and plant.

It would also careful attention for the next couple of years to help it survive the transplanting process.

We do not supply such trees, we only supply young trees which are 1-2 years old, and are young enough to transplant reliably.

Realistically you will need to allow about 5 years or so for the new tree to start to have some of the presence of the large old one.

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