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Warner's King apple trees

Malus domestica

Warner's King is an old English cooking apple, known since the late 18th century, and still quietly popular today.

Like many traditional cookers it produces very large green / yellow apples. The apples cook down to a puree with a good strong apple flavour.

Warner's King apple trees for sale


  • BR12-year (1.75m) bare-root tree M25 rootstock £34.95
    Very large tree (4m-7m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Warner's King is a triploid variety, which means it is not a good pollinator of other apple trees, but like many triploid varieties it grows as a vigorous and generally disease-free tree.

Advice on fruit tree pollination.

Warner's King characteristics


  • Pollinating othersPoor


  • Picking seasonLate
  • Keeping (of fruit)1-2 months




      • AwardsRHS Award of Garden Merit