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Malus sylvestris crab apple trees

Malus sylvestris is the common wild crab apple, easy to grow and ideal for native planting schemes.

Malus sylvestris crab apple trees for sale

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Malus sylvestris is the common English or wild crab apple, native to the UK and Europe.

It features the typical pink / white apple blossom in spring, followed by small green / yellow fruitlets in the autumn.

Malus sylvestris trees typically reach around 4m high and almost as wide. 

Malus sylvestris is easy to grow and makes a good choice for shelterbelts and native planting, and for encouraging wildlife. It is easy to grow, and tolerates most conditions, and responds well to coppicing.


Malus sylvestris is believed to be one of the forerunners of the modern cultivated apple - Malus domestica.