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Obelisk® pear trees

Pyrus communis
Obelisk is listed in the RHS Plants for Pollinators
A useful dwarf pear tree for small gardens, it grows with a tidy upright habit and is self-fertile.

Obelisk pear trees for sale


All pot-grown trees are suitable for planting out in the garden, some are suitable for growing in containers.

  • PG12-year bush-trained 12L pot-grown tree Quince A rootstock £52.50
    Large tree (3m-4m after 10 years)


  • BR11-year bare-root tree Quince A rootstock £33.75
    Large tree (3m-4m after 10 years)
  • BR22-year bush-trained bare-root tree Quince A rootstock £41.50
    Large tree (3m-4m after 10 years)
  • BR32-year half-standard bare-root tree Quince A rootstock £44.50
    Large tree (3m-4m after 10 years)
  • BR41-year bare-root tree Pyrodwarf rootstock £33.95
    Large tree (3m-4m after 10 years)
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Obelisk is a new columnar dwarf pear variety. It takes up very little space in the garden, as it grows with a particularly upright habit.

The medium-sized pears are mostly green, sometimes with a red flush, and ripen quite late - early to mid-October. They can be kept for several months over winter in a fridge or cold store, and have a mild flavour and firm flesh.

A further useful feature of Obelisk is that - unlike the vast majority of pears - it is reliably self-fertile and can be grown without another pear tree nearby for cross-pollination.

How to grow

We graft most of these trees on Quince A rootstock, which is usually semi-vigorous, but Obelisk is a naturally dwarfing variety and is unlikely to reach more than about 2.5m or so in the longer term, with a spread of less than 1m. The branches are not stubs (as in Ballerina apple trees) or spurs (as in cordon-trained apples and pears), instead they grow to a normal length - but they curve upwards and stay close to the main stem.

The naturally dwarf habit of Obelisk also makes this a good variety for growing in a large pot or planter on a terrace or patio.

Little or no pruning is required for this variety.

Advice on fruit tree pollination.


Obelisk was developed in Slovakia.

Obelisk characteristics


  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Self-fertilitySelf-fertile
  • Flowering group3
  • WildlifeRHS Plants for Pollinators


  • Picking monthOctober
  • Picking seasonLate
  • CroppingGood
  • Keeping (of fruit)1-2 months
  • Food usesEating fresh


  • Country of originSlovakia

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