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Athos® cherry trees

Prunus avium
Athos is listed in the RHS Plants for Pollinators
A natural dwarf sweet cherry tree, unlikely to get much bigger than 2m.

Athos cherry trees for sale


All pot-grown trees are suitable for planting out in the garden, some are suitable for growing in containers.

  • PG12-year bush-trained 11.5L pot-grown tree Own-roots rootstock £48.00
    Small tree (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years)
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Athos is a new sweet cherry which is naturally small. It is probably the smallest cherry tree in our range. It is also self-fertile so there is no need to plant another pollinator tree nearby.

It produces heavy crops of dark red cherries with a sweet/tart flavour.

How to grow

The tree is likely to reach 2m or so after 5-10 years, and it is generally a bit wider than it is tall.

Since it is naturally dwarf we do not use a size-controlling rootstock (such as Gisela 5).

No pruning is required.

Advice on fruit tree pollination.


Athos was developed at the University of Sasketchewan in Canada, as part of a programme aimed at producing new dwarf sweet cherry varieties. Its sibling varieties are Porthos and D'Artagnan - named after the Three Musketeers. One of the parents is Kerr's Easy Pick, which was developed in the 1940s by crossing Mongolian cherries with sour cherries. The intention was to develop a cold-hardy sour cherry for the Canadian climate, but it was noticed that the new variety was also naturally dwarf (by cherry standards).

Athos characteristics


  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Self-fertilitySelf-fertile
  • Flowering group3
  • Pollinating othersAverage
  • Climate suitabilityTemperate climates
  • WildlifeRHS Plants for Pollinators


  • Picking seasonMid
  • CroppingGood
  • Keeping (of fruit)1-3 days
  • Food usesEating fresh


  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Period of origin2000
  • Fruit colourRed - dark
  • Fruit sizeAverage